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Mimicry In evolutionary biology mimicry is the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both. This similarity can be in appearance, behavior, sound, scent and location, with the mimics found in similar places to their models. Mimicry occurs when a group of organisms, the mimics, evolve to share common perceived characteristics with another group, the models. In the project I am focusing on contemporary techniques of modern survival and combining them with anthropology and philosophy. I use the definitions from the scope of common knowledge as well as quotations from representatives of modern science and medicine.


video installation

part of group exhibition WHYRWEHERE

Saloun Trebon


Harmony meant as equilibrium stands for the possibility of contradictory elements, none of them primary as a basis. As one of the elements prevails, the harmony falls towards disharmony. Jürgen Habermas in his theory of rational communication and universal pragmatics defines ideal situation. It is organisation of giving out the arguments and making decisions which secures the equality in choise of any act of speech. It implies communication equality. Ideal situation as a construct is impossible with the majority of one side, all must be equal, all must have a chance to be present. When the postive begins to overwhelm, it brings the violence of the ideal.


vulcanized rubber installation

part of group exhibition COHESION

New Theatre, Warsaw


Vandal bench

coconut fiber installation

Millenium Park, Zielona Góra

part of group exhibition WANDA LIZA  with BWA Zielona Góra



Jagiellonian Univerity in Cracow/ Philosophy/ 2001-2006/ MA

Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic/Institute of Creative Photography/2009-2013/ BA 

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw/New Media/ 2012


GUP no 33/2012

No budget show 3/2012

Fotografia no 37/2011

No budget show 2/2011


2014 No yawning / New Theatre/ Warsaw/ PL

2014 Hestia Artistic Journey Finalists/ Dom Jabłkowskich/ Warsaw/ PL

2014 European Capital of Culture 2014, Umea, Sweden 

2014 City Shaman/ Warsaw/PL

2013 Whywerhere/ New Gallery Chateau Trebon/ Czech Republic

2013 ART/ Academy of Fine Arts/ Warsaw/ PL

2013 Wanda Liza/ BWA Zielona Góra/ PL

2013 Cohesion/ New Theatre/Warsaw/ PL

2012 Me You Us/ Galeria FF/ Łódź

2012 Me You Us/  Dum umeni/ Opava

2012 No budget Show 3/ MOCAK/ Cracow/ PL

2011 Selferotic/ Oh la la/ Warsaw/ PL

2011 Blogspot/ Szara Gallery/ Cieszyn/ PL

2011 Portfolio NOW/ Off Festiwal/ Bratislava/ PL

2011 Portfolio NOW/ Mica Moca/ Berlin/ Germany

2011 No Budget Show 2/ Kordegarda Gallery/ Warsaw/ PL

2011 Portfolio NOW/ Gen. Zajączka 10/ Warsaw/ PL


2014 Finalist in Hestia Artistic Journey

2012 Artistic Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


multimedia online project

Project completed with funds from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


The memory strong enough to direct the present. Docummentary turns towards the memory and the land which is determined by history. The trace is left. 

The project consists of photos taken at Ochota district, Warsaw, sound which is essential to the district and 4 videos taken at geographical corners.